Case #1091: Infant Suffers Kidney Failure from Ongoing Medical Negligence

Verdict/Settlement $9,750,000 Summary On March 24, the two year old Minor Plaintiff was admitted to the Defendant Hospital under the care of the Defendant pediatric urologist, due to bilateral vesicoureteral reflux urine backing up her ureter into the kidneys causing urinary tract infections. The Defendant surgically reimplanted the ureters on both sides to prevent the reflux … Continued

Case #1107: Brain Injury

Verdict/Settlement $6,950,000 Summary On November 21st, at approximately 7:45 p.m., the Plaintiff presented to the Defendant Hospital at 37-3/7 weeks gestation for induction of labor. Upon admission, she was 2 cm dilated, 90% effaced and at minus 2 station. She was given Cervidil and Pitocin to begin induction and augment labor. On November 23rd, the Plaintiff … Continued

Case #1071: Spinal Cord Injuries

Verdict/Settlement $6,900,000 Summary On October 2, the Infant Plaintiff was born following a scheduled cesarean section. At that time, a vestigial tail (fatty deposit) was noted at the base of the spine. The following day, an MRI of the spine confirmed the additional presence of a tethered cord at the L5 junction. Accordingly, on October 4, … Continued

Case #3033: Misdiagnosis Results in Severe Brain Damage

Verdict/Settlement $4,000,000 Summary On September 1, the Plaintiff, a 52-year-old male, awakened unable to lift his right foot. He proceeded to the emergency department of the Defendant Hospital where he presented with a foot drop. Thereafter, a CT scan of the head was performed which revealed a hyperdense left parietal lobe mass of the brain. The Plaintiff was … Continued

Case #1060: Brain Bleed

Verdict/Settlement $3,750,000 Summary On February 27, the Plaintiff, then 26 years old, presented to the Defendant Hospital in labor. At that time, she was 37-5/7 weeks gestation with prior deliveries via cesarean section. She was admitted, received an epidural and proceeded to the operating room. She subsequently delivered via cesarean section on February 27. On February … Continued

Case #1104: Surgical Errors

Verdict/Settlement $3,557,398 Summary A woman who experienced lower extremity paralysis following a bypass procedure claimed her treating surgeons negligently caused her injury. The defendants denied liability and claimed they acted within the standard of care. A Harford County jury found for the plaintiff and awarded her $3,557,398 against two surgeons and their employer. Defense verdicts … Continued

Case #1114: Brain Injury

Verdict/Settlement $3,500,000 Summary The Infant Plaintiff was born at the Defendant Hospital on November 6th. Due to a number of abnormalities including hypoglycemia, thick meconium, temperature instability and poor feeding, this newborn required ongoing close surveillance of his condition. Contrary to the standards of care, the Defendant’s personnel permitted the Infant Plaintiff to simply stay … Continued

Case #1035: Bowel Resection

Verdict/Settlement $3,500,000 Summary On November 29, the Minor Plaintiff was sent by his family practitioner to the pediatric emergency department at the Defendant Anonymous Hospital due to abdominal pain with guarding, bloody vomiting, weakness and tachycardia. Within twenty-four hours of admission, he required fluid resuscitation due to severe dehydration, was lavaged because of the gastrointestinal bleeding, … Continued

Case #1007: Amputation

Verdict/Settlement $2,500,000 Summary On November 6, the Claimant, (32 years of age), was admitted to the Defendant Hospital after suffering with a subarachnoid hemorrhage. At the time of her admission, hospital personnel were informed that she had a medical history including scleroderma and Raynaud’s Syndrome. After examination and evaluation, the Claimant underwent a successful surgical clipping … Continued

Case #1043: Epidural Abscess

Verdict/Settlement $2,200,000 Summary In January, it is alleged that the Plaintiff experienced severe back pain which required transportation by ambulance to a local hospital. At that time, laboratory work confirmed an elevated white blood count with a left shift — indicating an infectious process. Thereafter, the Plaintiff requested a transfer to the Defendant Hospital, which was … Continued

Case #1084: Brain Bleed

Verdict/Settlement $2,000,000 Summary On April 22, the Plaintiff’s Decedent presented to the Defendant Hospital emergency department with complaints of a new onset, intolerable, throbbing headache. The Plaintiff’s Decedent indicated that she had never previously experienced the severe head pain which lead her to the emergency department on that date. Additionally, she complained of new onset photophobia. … Continued

Case #3013: Anesthesia Error Causes Brain Damage

Verdict/Settlement $2,000,000 Summary On March 20, the Plaintiff’s Decedent was a 43 year old female who presented to the Defendant Hospital’s emergency department with complaints of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting due to a gallstone. Accordingly, on March 21, she underwent an endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) for the gallstone, which was conducted under IV sedation administered … Continued

Case #1076: Colon Cancer

Verdict/Settlement $1,750,000 Summary On January 26, the Claimant was referred to the Defendant gastroenterologist. The purpose of the referral was for specific complaints of rectal bleeding. It is alleged that the standards of care therefore required the Defendant to rule out the prospect of colon cancer. That same day, the Defendant performed a flexible sigmoidoscopy, and … Continued

Case #1115: Lung Cancer

Verdict/Settlement $1,750,000 Summary On July 7, the Plaintiff, then 63 years old, presented to the Defendant Hospital for the purpose of undergoing angiography. She was seen by a vascular surgeon who was an employee of the Defendant Hospital. Prior to undergoing the procedure, the Plaintiff was provided with a chest x-ray. The interpreting radiologist (also an … Continued

Case #1022: Appendicitis

Verdict/Settlement $1,600,000 Summary On November 10, the Plaintiffs’ Decedent was a 34 year-old male with no previous medical conditions and/or complaints, was presented to the Defendant Hospital emergency room for emergency care and treatment. At that time, the Plaintiffs’ Decedent presented with a history of eight hours of nausea and vomiting with severe abdominal pain … Continued

Case #1075: Brachial Plexus

Verdict/Settlement $1,519,733 Summary On March 23, the Plaintiff presented to a local hospital for childbirth. She was 39 weeks pregnant and was admitted at approximately 1:00 a.m. At that time, she was 4 centimeters dilated, 100% effaced, and the fetus in utero was at -1 station. By 5:00 a.m., the Plaintiff was 9 centimeters dilated, 100% … Continued

Case #1078: Cancer Misdiagnosis

Verdict/Settlement $1,500,000 Summary On September 7, the Plaintiff’s Decedent saw the Defendant for complaints involving his left knee and hip. After examination, the Defendant prescribed Vioxx in an effort to treat the Defendant’s condition conservatively. As a result of the continuing knee pain, the Defendant referred the Plaintiff’s Decedent for an MRI of the left knee … Continued

Case #2000: Shoulder Dystocia

Verdict/Settlement $1,475,000 Summary On April 30, at 10:01 a.m., the Plaintiff, a 23 year-old woman presented to the Defendant Hospital at 38-6/7 weeks gestation with complaints of contractions. Her estimated date of confinement was May 8 and she had a past obstetrical history of a 40 week vaginal delivery of a 6 pound 7 ounce … Continued

Case #1067: Bowel Resection

Verdict/Settlement $1,250,000 Summary On June 10, the Plaintiff’s Decedent presented to the Defendant Hospital with a five-day history of periumbilical pain and nausea. In the emergency department, a CT scan was ordered which revealed a thickening of the mesentery. Accordingly, the Defendant was engaged as the Decedent’s general surgeon. It is alleged that the Defendant took … Continued

Case #1017: Stroke

Verdict/Settlement $1,250,000 Summary On July 24, the Plaintiff was brought to the Defendant Hospital via ambulance. She arrived at approximately 1:30 p.m. with complaints of significant right-sided weakness and a change in mental status. She was confused and shortly thereafter became drowsy, clumsy, and was slurring her speech. She was seen by a resident at the … Continued

Case #1045: Aneurysm

Verdict/Settlement $1,200,000 Summary On October 13, the Plaintiff, returned to her home from her employment suffering with a new onset, severe headache. She called her Defendant physician and requested to be seen. In response, the Defendant office made an appointment for October 17. At that time, the Plaintiff had the following signs and symptoms: she complained … Continued

Case #1092: Surgical Errors

Verdict/Settlement $1,045,000 Summary On September 26, Plaintiff, a 64 year old male, presented to the Defendant Hospital and reported low back pain and symptomatology which had worsened. A prior MRI confirmed disc pathology at L4-5 and S1. After examination, the Defendant’s personnel advised the Claimant to undergo surgery for correction of his condition. After a pre-operative … Continued