When you are in a situation like I was—still suffering, still grieving—you want someone to pay attention and care. You want someone to be sympathetic to your cause.

I was treated very well by Schochor, Federico and Staton, and would recommend the firm to a friend or acquaintance. Through all phases of the case, my legal team explained each step—it was all very clear and concise. Each member of the team took a lot of time with my family and me. They were very professional and helped us all through a difficult time.

I do not wish this on anyone else, but if someone does have to go through something similar, there are a few things I would recommend.

First, I would tell them to keep notes when going though something at a hospital or with a doctor. Also, ask a lot of questions and, if the inevitable happens and someone passes away, seek legal counsel immediately. I would also seek legal advice if you think something has been mishandled.

I went out to try to justify my husband’s death and let the hospital know that what they did was a terrible thing. The jury verdict we received will never replace my husband or bring him back. But it has helped me come to terms with raising a son on my own.

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