Schochor, Federico and Staton Congratulates Law Clerk Adam Shareef

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The Law Firm of Schochor, Federico and Staton is pleased to recognize the recent accomplishments of Adam Shareef, University of Baltimore School of Law Class of 2017, and Schochor, Federico and Staton law clerk.

In February of 2016, Mr. Shareef led the University of Baltimore’s Fredrick Douglas Moot Court team to a victory against the University of Pennsylvania. They won the Mid-Atlantic Region Competition for the Fredrick Douglas Moot Court Competition. Mr. Shareef was named “Best Oral Advocate” in the region.

But Mr. Shareef’s accomplishments don’t end there. As a member of the University of Baltimore’s Legal Clinic, Mr. Shareef made the news in a groundbreaking challenge to the Maryland’s cash bail system, as seen in a recent Baltimore Sun article. A judge was caught on tape stating that she knew a defendant would be unable to afford high bail costs but set a $750,000 release amount anyway. The judge determined a bail amount solely based on the nature of the crime, rather than other factors such as her financial means and ties to the community. Maryland’s cash bail system keeps accused persons behind bars before their trial, particularly low-income defendants.

Mr. Shareef and the Clinic’s co-director Zina Makar’s challenge were quoted in the Baltimore Sun, highlighting the inequality and unfairness of Maryland strict bail schedule:

“Reliance on a bail schedule results in faulty bail determinations that lead to the erroneous deprivation of liberty for individuals who have not been convicted of a crime,” they said. “While the nature of the offense is one of many factors that a judicial officer can consider,” they wrote, the court “ignored other important factors.”

Through the legal clinic’s challenge, he hopes to help end the court’s discrimination against indigent citizens.

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