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Nursing Home Negligence

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When you place your loved one in a nursing home, the nursing home automatically assumes responsibility for his or her medical care and physical and emotional well-being. They are voluntarily signing up for addressing all medical needs of their patients. Sadly, budget cuts have made it so that too many nursing homes are skimping on these responsibilities. The result has been an increase in injuries, illnesses and deaths that are direct results of negligence on the part of nursing home staff.

If your loved one has suffered an injury or wrongful death due to negligence, contact a me contact a medical malpractice attorney at Schochor, Federico and Staton. Our talented team of compassionate attorneys take on cases in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and throughout Maryland.

Understanding the difference between neglect and abuse

Nursing home abuse has been more and more in the public eye lately. While devastating and appalling, nursing home abuse differs slightly from neglect. Abuse is an intentional act of maliciousness on the part of the nursing home staff. Negligence is a failure to act on the behalf of the patience. In a nutshell, abuse is excessive or inappropriate action while negligence is inaction. Nursing home abuse can include improper use of restraints, acts of physical violence, improper care in handling patients and more.

When in doubt, consult an attorney in Washington D.C. or Baltimore who has vast understanding of the law.

Examples of nursing home negligence

Similarly to the standard-of-care requirement seen in hospitals and physician’s offices, nursing home negligence revolves around the question of whether your loved one was given a quality of care that would be considered standard by any reasonable person in the same situation. In essence, any injury, illness or death that results from a lack of medical care (or improper medical care) on the part of a nursing home’s staff qualifies as negligence. Some of the most common forms of nursing home negligence include:

  1. Medication errors. These include failure to administer a needed medication, failure to properly explain and monitor medication management for more independent patients, administering an improper dose of medication, administering medication to the wrong patient and improper explanation of risks associated with the medication.
  2. Inadequate staff training. You have turned over the care of your loved one to a nursing home’s staff because the level of care and expertise needed to ensure your loved one’s health has exceeded what you can provide. You are trusting that the staff is well trained and well equipped. Injuries, illnesses and death that result from inadequate training or equipment qualify as nursing home negligence.
  3. Ignoring patient concerns. Patients are permitted to create a list of stated medical concerns. Ignoring these stated concerns can result in injury or illness through misdiagnosis. When this occurs, the nursing home can be found negligent.
  4. Failure to make necessary arrangements for appointments. It is a nursing home’s job to ensure that your loved one has access, transportation and company for all needed medical appointments. Failure by the staff to make the needed arrangements for these appointments qualifies as nursing home negligence.

If your loved one is the victim of nursing home negligence, it is imperative that you get the help you need from an experienced nursing home negligence attorney in Baltimore or Washington D.C.

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If your loved one has suffered an injury, illness or fatality as a result of any of the above outlined acts of negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Schochor, Federico and Staton at 410-234-1000 today to speak with our team of experienced medical malpractice attorneys. Our team will review your case, speak with the nursing home in question and work on your behalf to successfully secure the emotional and financial compensation you deserve. You trusted your loved ones to these nursing homes. Your trust has been violated. Let us stand up for your rights.

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