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Diabetes is a major health concern in the United States, affecting more than 25 million people. According toStateOfObesity.org, about 8% of the adult population in Washington D.C. is diagnosed with diabetes. Within the state of Maryland, the rate jumps to about 10% of the total adult population. It is a serious problem that can become life threatening, especially when healthcare professionals fail to diagnose or properly treat the condition. If you believe your physician was negligent in treating your diabetes, the experienced medical malpractice attorneys of Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. have the knowledge to guide you through the steps of your claim.

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The American Diabetes Association defines diabetes as “a group of diseases characterized by high glucose levels,” which keeps the body from properly processing food for energy. There are several classifications of the disease.

  • Type I diabetes generally affects children and young adults. It is present in about five percent of all individuals with diabetes. The body does not produce insulin, which is necessary for transporting glucose from the bloodstream into cells. Injectable medications are usually employed to manage the condition.
  • Type II diabetes is the most common form of the disease. The body does not properly utilize the insulin that it produces, causing elevated levels of glucose in the body. Testing blood sugar levels, reducing carbohydrate consumption, increasing physical activity, and medications are common interventions used to treat this form of diabetes.
  • Gestational diabetes occurs when women develop the condition during their pregnancy. Timely diagnosis and immediate treatment are vital to maintaining the health of the mother and the baby.

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Proper diagnosis and treatment are key to successfully managing diabetes. Unfortunately, millions of individuals who have diabetes go without proper diagnosis or treatment, even while under a doctor’s care. Negligent diabetes treatment can occur in a variety of ways:

  • Failure to diagnose. It is the duty of a physician to recognize the symptoms of diabetes when a patient presents with them. Once they are recognized, proper testing should be completed to determine if the disease is present. This is especially relevant to gestational diabetes, as pregnant mothers generally see their doctor on a monthly basis and testing is a standard part of treatment.
  • Failure to properly educate. Maintenance is an important aspect of diabetes treatment. Once diagnosed, the patient should receive guidance about the proper methods of managing the disease. Failure to do this may be a form of medical malpractice.

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