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Epidural Abscess

An epidural abscess is a rare, but often deadly condition that requires immediate medical attention. Yet, many patients are forced to go without the treatment they need due to a physician’s failure to properly diagnose the illness. Left untreated, an epidural abscess can lead to irreparable neurological injury or even death. If you or a family member were injured by a doctor’s inaccurate diagnosis, contact the knowledgeable Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC medical malpractice lawyers of Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. for assistance with your malpractice claim. Our attorneys have helped numerous clients secure compensation for their injuries. We can do the same for you.

What is an Epidural Abscess

An epidural abscess forms when pus collects beneath the dura, which is an outer layer covering the spinal cord and brain. According to Medscape, the inflammation pushes on the spinal cord or brain, causing pressure and neurological complications. There are two types of epidural abscesses:

  • Spinal Epidural Abscess. With this condition, the abscess places pressure on the patient’s spinal cord. Left untreated it can cause permanent paralysis or death.
  • Intracranial Epidural Abscess. In this case, pressure is localized beneath the skull. It can also lead to the patient’s death if left untreated.

The numerous potential causes of an epidural abscess include infection, intravenous drug use and diabetes mellitus. But this life-threatening condition can also result from spinal trauma, due to a surgical error or from improper administration of epidural anesthesia. When a medical mistake causes an epidural abscess, the skilled Washington D.C. and Maryland medical malpractice attorneys of Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. fight to hold all negligent medical professionals accountable.

Proving Medical Malpractice in an Epidural Abscess Case

Two general circumstances may indicate physician liability in an epidural abscess case. The first applies when the actions of a physician or other medical professional caused the condition. The second arises when a doctor failed to properly diagnose and treat the condition, leaving it to worsen and further injure the patient. Delayed diagnosis and treatment can lead to paralysis an even death.

The broad symptoms of an epidural abscess often lead to a misdiagnosis. Patients commonly present with such complaints as back pain or bowel and urinary changes, which can complicate the diagnosis process. However, some epidural abscess patients present with neurological dysfunction, in addition to back pain. This is a red flag that should compel physicians to at least test for the condition. Failure to do so can prove deadly for the patient and place the physician in a position of liability.

Rely on the Lawyers of Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. to Fight for the Compensation Your Family Deserves

An epidural abscess is a potentially deadly condition that you or your loved one should not have to endure. If your physician caused your epidural abscess or failed to adequately treat your condition, contact the law firm that earnestly fights for the residents of Baltimore, Washington DC and Maryland. Contact Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. at 410-234-1000 for a free consultation.

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