When Catastrophic Medical Errors Occur, our Washington DC and Baltimore, Maryland Attorneys Fight Diligently for Victims

Catastrophic Medical Errors

Catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths are always tragic, but they are even more disturbing when caused by the negligent actions of a trusted medical professional. Medical malpractice causes thousands of injuries each year. Negligent Maryland physicians paid an average of $200 million in 2015, according to a report by Diederich Healthcare. When these life-altering injuries occur, our experienced Washington D.C. and Maryland medical malpractice attorneys work tirelessly to hold medical professionals accountable for their negligent actions. At Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A., we have represented numerous victims and their families in complex medical malpractice matters. Trust your case to us, so you can focus on healing yourself and your family.


What is Catastrophic Medical Malpractice

Catastrophic medical malpractice occurs when the negligent actions of a physician or other medical professional cause death or extremely severe injuries, such as amputation or traumatic brain injury. While every physician-caused injury is regrettable, these tragic consequences are life changing for the patient, as well as the family.

Some Examples of Medical Malpractice that May Lead to a Catastrophic Injury Include:

  • A missed or delayed diagnosis
  • Failure to provide timely cancer treatment
  • Emergency room negligence
  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesia errors

When medical professionals make these tragic mistakes, the experienced Washington DC and Maryland medical malpractice attorneys of Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. work vigorously to secure financial compensation for the victim and, in cases of wrongful death, for the surviving family. With more than three decades of experience, our lawyers have the knowledge and skill to bring a strong medical malpractice claim in the courts of Maryland or Washington D.C.

Proving Physician Liability

To successfully prove medical malpractice, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the physician breached a standard duty of care. Successfully meeting this task requires testimony from medical experts in the field, along with the detailed analysis of complex medical records. At Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A., we know that most medical malpractice victims lack the resources necessary to take on these challenges. That is why we have proudly offered our resources and knowledge to the residents of Washington D.C. and Maryland for more than 30 years.

Attorney and Senior Partner Kerry D. Staton discusses the case of a 43-year-old man who went to his primary doctor with complaints of chest pain and symptoms of a heart blockage. The doctor failed to do a Cat Scan or MRI, and negligently sent the man home. Because the physician did not follow protocol and issue the appropriate tests, the patient died less than a month after visiting his doctor. Click here for the details of this clear case of catastrophic medical malpractice.

Trust Decades of Medical Malpractice Experience to Advocate for Your Rights

The attorneys of Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. have filed more medical negligence cases than any other law firm in Maryland. With more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts, we have a proven track record of successful representation for our clients. If you or a family member suffered a catastrophic injury at the hands of a negligent Baltimore, Maryland or Washington DC physician, contact us today for the comprehensive representation your case deserves. Call our office at 410-234-1000 for a consultation.

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