When Bowel Resection Negligence Results in Injury, Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorneys Pursue Justice for Victims

Bowel Resection

Bowel resection is a surgical procedure in which part of the bowel is removed. Also referred to as colectomy, it is routinely performed on patients with colon cancer, intestinal blockage or diverticular disease. When patients undergo a bowel resection, they trust that their surgeon and medical staff will provide the highest level of medical care. When professionals fail to meet this duty, retain skilled Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC medical malpractice attorneys to advocate for the compensation your injuries deserve. At Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A., we aggressively fight for patients injured during a bowel resection procedure.

Bowel Resection Complications

Abdominal surgery always carries a significant risk, but the risk is exacerbated by negligence on the part of the surgeon or medical staff. During a bowel resection, the surgeon may cause damage by mistakenly injuring an adjacent structure or failing to properly inspect the bowel for complications prior to completing the surgery. Other common surgical errors related to bowel surgery include:

  • Failure to resect all unhealthy portions of bowel
  • A missed diagnosis of bowel perforation
  • Unnecessarily resecting healthy parts of the bowel
  • Failure to ensure a patent anastomosis (connection)

Not all bowel resection injuries result from medical malpractice, but when physicians fail to meet adequate standards of care, they may be liable for the resulting physical, mental and financial injuries.

Proving Liability in a Bowel Resection Injury Case

Bringing a medical malpractice case is no easy task. Liability hinges on the plaintiff’s ability to prove that the treating physician breached his or her duty to provide a standard level of care. Successfully presenting this point requires analysis and testimony from medical experts and an in-depth understanding of detailed medical documentation.

The Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C. medical malpractice lawyers of Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. have the skills and resources to properly investigate bowel resection injury cases. Since 1984, we have focused our efforts on representing patients harmed by various types of medical malpractice. Our lawyers have extensive experience in bringing strong malpractice claims that result in maximum compensation when surgical errors occur. During this challenging time in your life, your main priority should be healing. Trust us to handle your bowel resection malpractice claim.

Let the Attorneys of Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. Fight for Your Interests

At Schochor, Federico, and Staton, P.A. we have filed more medical negligence cases than any other law firm in Maryland. We are proud to say that we have won over $1 billion in settlements and verdicts for our clients. If you or a loved one was harmed during a bowel resection procedure, contact the law firm that fights for the residents of Baltimore, Washington DC and Maryland. Call Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. at 410-234-1000 for a free consultation.

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