“Navigate Your Health…Safely” at Patient Safety Awareness Week 2014

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Here at Schochor, Federico, and Staton, we believe the most important step a patient can take toward health is to ensure their physician provides a timely and well-informed diagnosis. It’s a topic we’ve discussed at length, both on our blog and on our call-in radio show, 1-800-LAW-CALL.

An accurate and early diagnosis is one of the most important factors in ensuring you get the best care possible, and can prevent you from getting needless procedures or mistaken treatment that can actually cause additional suffering or even premature death.

In fact, experts estimate that up to one in every 10 diagnoses is wrong, delayed, or missed completely, and that, collectively, diagnostic errors may account for 40,000-80,000 deaths per year in the United States.

Thankfully, the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) has made it their mission to promote awareness about the importance of this issue. Their upcoming Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual event that brings together health care providers, medical organizations, and patient advocates to empower us all to take a leadership role in advocating for our own health.

As part of this year’s theme for Patient Safety Awareness Week, “Navigate Your Health…Safely,” the National Patient Safety Foundation is partnering with organizations like theSociety to Improve Diagnosis and the Partnership for Patients to provide educational materials, webcasts, and a space to share stories of loss and triumph.

To register for the event, visit the official Patient Safety Awareness Week website.

To keep up with Patient Safety Awareness Week and show support on social media, log on to the official Facebook page or follow along on Twitter using #PSAW2014.