MG_8858-smClient 1:

An Aerospace engineer woke up one morning to go to work and realized that he had a significant headache and some numbness in his arm. His wife took him to the hospital where he was evaluated and told that he simply had a migraine headache. Days later he woke up to go to work but this time he couldn’t move the left side of his body.

Client 1 had suffered a stroke from an aneurysm in his brain that should’ve been diagnosed and treated when he initially presented to the hospital. As a result this husband and father of three could no longer work and support his family. As matter fact, his wife has to act as her husband’s full-time caretaker. Not only was the financial impact devastating to this family but their overall quality-of-life was destroyed as well.

After investigating this potential medical practice case, we determined that their claim was meritorious. We filed a lawsuit and thereafter settle this case for significant sum of money. The proceeds from this case permitted the client to have full-time help in the house and the other amenities necessary to provide him with the best quality of life possible. After significant rehabilitation that the family would not have otherwise been able to afford, the client was able to improve his condition to the point where he could return to doing some of the things he did prior to the stroke. Most importantly, the family’s financial situation that existed prior to the stroke has been restored as well.

Client 2:

I first met this child when he was about two years old. He was sitting on his mother’s lap in front of my desk eating kernels of popcorn with his elbows. This child had previously required a quadruple amputation as a result of the untimely diagnosis and treatment of an infection.

After investigating the case, we determined that this claim was meritorious. We filed a lawsuit which was subsequently settled for a substantial sum. While we were not in a position to give this child his limbs back, we did provide him with meaningful compensation which would help him live a more normal and full life. This was 20 years ago.

Every year for the last 20 years I get an update on this amazing young man. He is now 22 and is completing his college education. He has not only met the challenges of his life in terms of his academics but he has succeeded in athletics as well. He wrestled for his high school. He was a bat boy for a semi professional baseball team. He learned to ride a four wheeler. If you didn’t know he had prosthetic limbs you would think he was just like any other young man.

Client 3:

A mother presented to the hospital in labor with her third child. Her regular obstetrician was on vacation and the nurses in labor and delivery admitted the patient to the hospital under the care of the covering physician. Once hooked up to a fetal monitor, it became readily apparent that the unborn child was struggling in utero. At that point, the patient was only 4 cm dilated and would likely not deliver spontaneously for hours. The hospital nurses tried frantically to find a physician who could evaluate the patient and perform a stat c-section. Unfortunately, by the time the covering obstetrician finally got to the hospital and delivered this child, the baby had sustained serious and permanent brain injury.

This child has cerebral palsy and requires medical care 24/7. As you might imagine, the mother’s life and the family in general have been devastated by this avoidable occurrence. Not only has this caused an unimaginable financial hardship on the family but it has destroyed any sense of normalcy in the home.

After investigating this case we determined that the claim was meritorious and a lawsuit was filed. After pursuing the case, a settlement was reached which has permitted the family the opportunity to restore their lives. The compensation received permits the mother to hire full-time help to assist her with her child. The family has moved to a new house which was designed and constructed for a child with significant disabilities.