Groundwater Contamination

Experienced Groundwater Contamination Team Takes on Polluters

  • Our experienced legal team led one of the most important groundwater contamination cases in recent years, including what is believed to be the largest resolution of nitrate groundwater contamination in history.
  • We have the resources to take on big corporations to get real, lasting results for communities whose groundwater has been dangerously polluted.
  • Our team of environmental experts and investigators, relationships with key groups and regulators, and years of expertise help us uncover the truth and ensure polluters are held accountable for the damage they cause to communities and public health.

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Landmark $205 Million Groundwater Settlement Approved
Holding Polluters Accountable to Protect Our Environment

A historic $205 million settlement against chicken processing company Mountaire was approved that will provide compensation to the people of Millsboro, Delaware and also clean their land, air, and water. Schochor, Federico & Staton, P.A. led an investigation into the company on behalf of Millsboro residents, whose groundwater had been severely contaminated by Mountaire, resulting in dangerously high levels of nitrates in the water. After federal and local regulators failed to stop the contamination, we did. Today, Mountaire will be held accountable, and Millsboro will soon see its community once again become a safe and healthy place to live and work.

Groundwater Contamination

Clean water is essential for human health. From pesticides to industrial waste, chemicals that cause harm to humans and the environment are the subject of regulatory controls to prevent injury through exposure. When controls break down, or historically poor treatment methods give way, toxic contamination of groundwater can occur.

Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. and its team of environmental experts and investigators is currently investigating incidences of groundwater contamination across the country. If you believe your groundwater has been contaminated by polluters, contact us here.

  • Our experienced legal team led one of the most important groundwater contamination cases in recent years, which is believed to be the largest resolution of nitrate groundwater contamination in history.

  • Groundwater is a valuable natural resource. The US Geological Survey estimates that, on average, 14 percent of Americans rely on groundwater for culinary purposes. In 2009, the USGS found that approximately 23 percent of private wells in this country contain contaminants of concern.

  • Key drivers of groundwater pollution include improper use and disposal of chemicals or human and/or animal waste resulting from industrial processes, agricultural use of pesticides, and the leach of chemicals from landfills or industry.
  • Over time, chemicals slowly move through soil with rain and other surface water to reach groundwater.
  • Contaminated groundwater has lasting impact on humans and the environment. Poor quality drinking water can have devastating results on a developing fetus or young children. Contaminated drinking and landscape water is associated with many diseases including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions.
  • When a toxic soil and groundwater plume is discovered years after the release event or dumping occurred, property values of the area are permanently affected.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals in water affects individuals and entire communities. People and property are contaminated by polluted groundwater through direct contact, ingestion, and vapor intrusion.


Our Experience

We have led extensive investigations into groundwater contamination and the role that corporations play in polluting environments. Our landmark $205 million settlement against Mountaire is believed to be the largest settlement related to groundwater contamination from nitrates in history.

In addition to active investigations nationwide into groundwater contamination, we are actively investigating legal claims related to AFFF (also known as firefighting foam). This may include governmental municipalities that face costs to remediate the pollution, as well as people who have been exposed to these firefighting foams and have since been diagnosed with kidney, testicular, pancreatic, or other types of cancer.


Why Choose Us? 

Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. believes that people have a basic right to health and safety and should not have to worry about access to clean drinking water. We are dedicated to protecting the health and property of people exposed to hazardous chemicals, and most recently obtained what is believed to be the largest resolution of nitrate groundwater contamination in history. We have earned the highest rating from legal ranking agency Martindale-Hubbell and a listing in the Bar Register for Preeminent Lawyers. With more than 30 years achieving outstanding results for clients and their families, we take an active role in pursuing compensation on behalf of those injured or harmed through environmental contamination.

We have years of successful experience holding corporate and individual defendants accountable for their negligence. Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. skillfully protects your right to compensation and aggressively pursues remediation, money damages, and other remedies on behalf of individuals and the communities within which they live.

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