Founding Partner Kerry D. Staton Named a Fellow of the International Society of Barristers

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Schochor, Federico and Staton is pleased to announce Founding Partner Kerry D. Staton has been selected as a fellow of the International Society of Barristers.

As an organization created to honor lawyers recognized by their peers and judges to be “outstanding in the field of advocacy,” membership in the International Society of Barristers is a significant honor and is preceded by a rigorous screening process that considers the attorney’s ability, experience, accomplishments and ethical standards.

Through the International Society of Barristers, Mr. Staton will be helping uphold our legal system by working with other members to support these common goals:

  • Retaining trial by jury in litigated matters;
  • Improving advocacy under an adversary system;
  • Recognizing advocacy as a distinct specialty, with the creation of proper standards for those holding themselves out as advocates;
  • Abolishing animosity between counsel representing plaintiffs and defendants, replacing it with a recognition that all trial lawyers are advocates fully representing the rights of all clients;
  • Encouraging and demanding ethical conduct by all involved in litigation – parties, witnesses, counsel and judges;
  • Insisting that clients be represented by independent counsel owing their allegiance to the client; and
  • Protecting the rights of citizens, the independence of the judiciary and the integrity of the Bar.