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Optimizing Telehealth for Safe Delivery of Healthcare

Telehealth is a trend that is here to stay.  A recent report from The Joint Commission offers guidance on the use and challenges of remote...

EHR Transparency—Clinical Notes Soon Available to Patients

Federal rules will soon provide patients wider access to their medical records through their electronic health record (EHR). As part of the sweeping 21st Century...

New Blood Test May Identify Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Test in One Hour

Science may soon take a step forward in the battle against drug-resistant bacteria. For critically ill patients, identification of an infectious bacteria can literally mean...

Obstetrical focus on Happier Mom could mean Healthier Baby

As the saying goes “A happy mom means happy baby.”  A recent study underscores the thought, revealing mom’s emotional state could mean a happier—and healthier...

Report Points to Microwaves as Cause of Brain Injury of Diplomats

From crickets to a Chinese cover-up, theories behind the cause of a neurological illness suffered by American diplomats and CIA operatives have been batted about...

After Serious Medical Error—Can you Sue the Hospital?

Mistakes occur in healthcare settings every day. If you, or a family member, are seriously injured due to a medical error—who can your attorney pursue...

Research Cites Hospital Floors as Freeways for Pathogen Transfer

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Research affirms hospital floors offer a freeway of opportunity to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. A small study published in the journal of Infection Control and Epidemiology  evaluated...

Should not be a Surprise: Better Surgeons Provide Better Outcomes

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Patients who undergo colon surgery by surgeons who routinely perform the surgery generally enjoy longer survival rates than those whose surgeons are less experienced. While...

2021 Safety Goals from The Joint Commission

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Seeking to enhance and improve patient safety, The Joint Commission has published its national safety goals for 2021. The Joint Commission is the credentialling agency...
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