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The Blame Game—Trying to Improve Medical Error Reporting

Reporting medical errors can improve healthcare safety and reduce patient harm.  How the error is reported plays a role in how effective a solution could...

Is Noise Affecting the Safety of Health Care?

distractions in healthcare
A recent position paper calls out surgical practitioners and technology for contributing to distractions in surgical settings. Distraction is a part of modern medical care. ...

Amid Challenges, Number of Primary Care Physicians May Decline

Primary Care Physician
A recent survey reveals the impact of the COVID-19 crises on Primary Care physicians.  As a result, their patients may neglect their health or lose...

Migraines During Pregnancy Can be More than ‘Just a Headache’

pregnancy migraine
Pregnant women who experience migraines may be at a higher risk of stroke, according to recent research. Along with the aches, pains, hunger, and nausea...

Nine Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. Attorneys Recognized as 2021 Super Lawyers®

Firm attorneys
The skilled and knowledgeable attorneys of Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A. are deeply committed to providing medical malpractice plaintiffs with the highest quality of legal...

Study Suggests Longer Hourly Shifts May Not Translate to More Medical Errors

long hours for doctors
Fear of overtired medical residents may be misplaced.  A new study found that residents working 24-hour shifts don’t necessarily make more errors than colleagues working...

More Surgical Checklists, Fewer Errors?

surgical checklists
Recent research suggests using two surgical checklists together may result in fewer medical errors and less harm to patients. Checklists are an important part of...

Executive Order Makes Telehealth Services Permanent through CMS in Some Areas

A recent Executive Order is aimed at expanding telehealth options in rural areas. Just months ago, telehealth was a sideline of many medical practice groups....

Research Evaluates Newborn Blood Test for Type 1 Diabetes

blood test
Researchers are optimistic about the development of a test that provides early warning of the development of Type 1 diabetes in babies and young children....
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